Thursford steam museum houses steam engines, traction engines, organs, the wurlitzer, gondola and much more.

The Thursford Collection - Steam museum

thursford steam museum houses steam engines, traction engines, organs, the wurlitzer, gondola and much much more, nr fakenham norfolk ukThe Thursford Collection The Thursford Collection is Steam Restored into a living past. If you have an interest in anything from the past which is driven by steam or Mechanical then Thursford Museum is the place you need to visit.

Thursford Museum houses the finest collection of Organs, Traction Engines, Steam Rollers, Steam Tractors, Fairground Rides and much, much more.

thursford steam museumIt was George Cushing's love of Steam Engines and the despair of watching them being scrapped and cut up that led to the beginnings of the Thursford collection. George once said 'To me it was as though the crown jewels were bring sold for scrap, and pebbles were worth more than diamonds.  It seemed that the world had been turned inside out, and I would have bought them with my last pennies if I had had to'

And buy them he did, over the years, until his big shed and yard behind his home at Laurel Farm were full of disused engines.

the mortier organ at thursford steam museumIn 1959 George bought a huge Marenghi mechanical organ, which he brought over from Ireland. When the Gondola roundabout arrived in 1978, it was so large that a very big extension had to be built, both to house it and to give visitors enough space to stand back and look at it.

thursford steam museum houses steam engines nr fakenham norfolk ukIn 1976 the great Wurlitzer arrived and another extension was needed to cope with its 1339 pipes. At the end of 1976, a Trust was formed, which cam into operation on 1st January 1977.   Its role is to ensure that the steam engines and organs are permanently preserved.

Come to Thursford Museum, you will have a fantastic day out full of lights, music and nostalgia.

As an extra bonus, you will be helping to ensure that the steam age is forever remembered in Britain and your children will have a superb memory to pass down to their children.

The Thursford Collection Thursford Green Thursford Nr Fakenham Norfolk. For more information please visit our web site: Thursford Steam Museum

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